What kind of woman says this?

saved a girls life, changed it forever. I supported her, but I started to feel as though she was condescending me too much, and it finally stressed me out.

what kind of woman says "being alone has made you emotionally weak"?

She has a super inflated ego too.

Do I gonore a comment like this?

can someone answer this?


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  • Yes, I would just ignore her comment. I don't know why she said what she did, but that's not necessary.

    • I think it shows a lack of concern or caring about my feelingsā€¦. shows she isn't quality herself.

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    • Ah, yeah, then definitely move on and don't bother speaking to her again.

    • I befriended her and got her out of Pakistan, then went to see her in the UK. We had a serious relationship too, almost married her even

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