He said he dont date girls my age?

Met up for the second time today. Chatted a lot. Went for a meal. Long story short he told me he normally would go for girls as young as i am (im 9 years younger than he is) but he's willing to try this. And he also told me that when we talk it feels like home cause i can take his jokes (hes a foreigner and people here doesn't really get his jokes or they think its mean).

Is this a good sign?

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Good sign, he's making an exception for you, I can't see why it would be bad.

    • I don't know i just want some proof that im not the only one who thinks its a good sign

    • I'm sure you're not ;)

Most Helpful Girl

  • I consider it a good sign. But how can you be certain that he isn't lying to you in order to make you a good impression?

    • Thats exactly why im asking this question. Bun anyways i dont think he would do that, he lives 3 doors down from me.

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