Would like to get to know her more but?

So there is this girl that I would like to get to know better and possably date. My roommate is friends with her. She use to go to school with us but she doesn't anymore, she does live 10 mins away from school though. I hang out with her when my roommate invites her over and what not. I dont have her number or snapchat, we do follow each other on instagram. She doesn't have a FB so I can't get ahold of her on that. My question is how should I go about getting her number and talking to her?


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  • don't go for the online thing, be old fashioned, ask for your roomate to meet the three of you again, and this time get to know her more :) if you'd like some tips on how to act when you're around her, you can always ask me. I'd love to help :)

  • Talk to her in person

    • Its kinda hard because I only see her when my friend invites her over and thats not very often...

    • Just go up to her in person when you see her.

    • Looks like I'll be going out with her and my roommate for Halloween

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