Black women, what are your standards for men?

I want to see how high they are because THE VAST MAJORITY OF black women seem to have high standards.


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  • I'm an 18 year old black girl. I'm smart, really feminine, I take care of my looks, and I'm going to be a pharmacist in about 6 years.

    My ideal type is

    - tall (or at least taller than me)
    - fit or muscular physique
    - decent face
    - good hygiene
    - can hold a conversation
    - nice
    - Preferably white, but I would be ok with a black guy (as long as he didn't fall into the "hood" stereotype)

    Future requirement:
    - has the same earning potential as I do (Pharmacists make about $100,000 a year. I'd want to date someone who is at my level).

    Now, are these high standards? Maybe, maybe not. But I personally strive to be the best version of myself, and I would want a guy who could do the same,

    • See those are high standards

    • As opposed to what? Dating downward?

      I pretty much listed a male version of myself. I hold myself to a high standard in everything I do, and I expect my partner to do the same.

      To be honest, I think this question is a low key broadcasting of your personal insecurities.

    • No, I am 6'1 and I have a degree. I am just shocked that women EXPECT men like me. I thought I was above average.

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  • Our standards for men aren't all that bad. We just want someone who loves us for our personalities, and who also had a good personality himself no matter what race he is. Being well groomed and hygienic is also important to us. No one wants to date someone who smells like burnt ass and corn chips.

    • Sounds like pretty standard stuff to me!!

    • It is. When you're a black woman and at some point you realize out of everyone else you're normally the least preferred you come to a point where you don't care too much about superficial things. Heck, you'd just be happy if you've found a guy who likes you no matter how dark your skin is as long as he treats you right. (And grooms himself.)

  • I don't think my standards are high tbh, I think they're the minimum requirements

    -Must be educated (at least bachelor's degree)
    -Good hygiene
    -Cute (to me)
    -Dresses well

    • at least a bachelor's degree? (that constitutes as high) That is so high I feel like you are trolling.

      How tall?

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    • @PurpleTeardrops It is in the u. s. it is. Let's look at it this way. Women now eclipse men in college enrollment in the u. s.. Let's use a city like washington d. c. 50% of their residents have a bachelor's degree. However, half of those are women. Therefore you now have a 25% dating pool to choose from and then he has to earn good money or look the way you want him to, so let's bring that down to 15%. Then he has to be almost six foot when the average man is 5'9. I am 6'1 myself and I don't see many people taller than me. Let's bring that number down to 10%. You are essentially looking for the top 10% of men.

    • Never thought about it like that, but I guess I am >.>

  • Not all of them do like me.

  • Ugh! Mine aren't high nor low.

    • then list them

    • Well, they just have to be nice, sweet, fun, funny, honest, and loyal personality wise. Looks wise, I can't really describe, but you have to be cute.

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