Does this mean my bf's mom didn't want me there?

I was supposed to go to a family function today and my boyfriend said he couldn't wait to see me. He said he would pick me up and take me to his cousins house. Later on he asks if it would be easier if I drove instead of him picking me up because his mom thought it would be easier. I don't get how this would be easier and he's picked me up for every other family thing before. I got a bad feeling she just didn't want me there cause this party was a "family tradition" and I'm obv not part of the family in her eyes. She's very controlling of him and he listens to everything she says and we can never really go or do anything because she tells him no. I just don't think she wanted me to come and when I said I wasn't coming my boyfriend was like aw.. U sure? I don't know he just didn't seem that he cared that I wasn't coming either. I'm just wondering if u agree that she didn't seem to want me there or if u have a diff opinion then to let me know. I feel really hurt


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  • She doesn't like you

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