Girls, if you found a guy attractive with my personality type described below would you consider me boring?

I'm not the type of guy to awlays show emotion or really be up or down. If you get to know me I'm a little more social and will talk people through issues and be supportive but I very rarely will be touchy or flirty to girls directly. I drink and smoke weed on weekends but dont like parties and prefer to hangout with 3 or 4 people in a house rather than a huge party. I don't start conversation but if you initiate I will gladly join in and be friendly.


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  • Nope, I wouldn't think you're boring. I don't like big parties and I don't start conversation either, so that could actually be a little problem, because if you find someone like you none of you will be talking first lol
    Apart from that I don't see nothing wrong with you

    • Well I used to love huge parties but now they disgust me and I just want to be alone. If I do go to a bar its not a college bar its a old person bar lol where everyone just keeps to themselves.

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  • I would! That's my guy😉lol

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