Does it sound like he's making up excuses not to see me? Or am I over thinking it?

Guy I'm seeing has a big race this weekend. I thought he'd want support and to see me since I last saw him a week ago. I gave suggestions like a pre-race dinner and some jokey ideas. He said "LOL only thing I want after is an ice bath and nap. But I LOVE your ideas." He also complimented me a lot more than usual. "You're so sweet, sexy, you make me so happy." I said, "Aw. Well are you up for some company relaxing before the race? Even if all you want to do is nap, I'm all for it. But I understand if you want to do your own thing." He said, "Thanks gorgeous, appreciate the offer and will thank you with foot rubs when I see you." I asked to make sure it's a def no for this weekend so I can make other other plans. He told me he's not feeling well and wants to rest for the race. I said, "Aw I didn't know you were still sick. You talked the last few days like things were just crazy busy." He said, "I thought I mentioned throat issues. Hasn't gotten better unfortunately. I'm unhappy about having to cancel my volunteer work" He had a sore throat a week ago. He's a big baby about being sick and is the type to talk about every discomfort so it's weird that all he talked about since Tues was craziness at work and some fun tidbits. I suggest getting together and he just says, "Thanks?" He only talked about being sick AFTER I asked more questions? And how is it that he had no problem doing crazy volunteer hours the past few days? And he can't see me at all because of a sore throat? Come on. Am I over - thinking this or is something amiss?


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  • Well am also thinking, just "sore throat"? That can't stop him from seeing you...

    • Yep, especially since all I suggested was relaxing together. Question is, when you're pretty sure someone is making excuses to avoid having you around for the most important weekend of their year. But you don't have proof they're lying. And you want to give them the benefit of the doubt. (He's always been a big baby about sickness) what can you do? Oh, he just sent me an excessively flattering text:, "(Starts with tons of things he loves about me). But what I really love is when you are so sweet and caring. I fall for that every single time. Even something as simple as acknowledging how important volunteering at race expo is for me and then sweet words like "can't send enough hugs"You know am a passionate, sensitive person and you connect well to that aspect of me. I just wanted you to know that you are wonderful and I appreciate you for who you are and feel lucky to know you."

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    • He was clearly VERY happy to see me at the race. And... Now it's Thursday and he still has made no attempt to see me. He's been "feeling yucky" and dealing with a "cough". Now he's stressed with work. That will magically dissolve this weekend I'm sure. But I won't be available! I have booked my weekend with meetups. Hen he asks, I'll tell him this weekend doesn't work but I'm free Mon or Tues! I'm not going to be his weekend girl and pen pal. No thanks.

    • It's ok, since you've already booked your weekend with important meetings, he will definitely understand as long as you're detailed in your explanations.

      But how I wish he will see you.

      (He's been "feeling yucky" and dealing with a "cough".) Am sure his taking his medications

      Just try your possible best to keep calling so as to show you care.
      If still doesn't see you by next week, then this is heading elsewhere.

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  • Hmm I am not certain. But give him the benefit of the doubt just this once.