What does she act like this?

So this chick that I work with can be a huge bitch sometimes. Sometimes I get signs that she's into me like attracted to me with her body language but she acts like super up-and-down with me and is very standoffish. I think she standoffish to a lot of people in general but I feel like she would pick battles of me randomly. We traveled together recently and I threw a piece of gum out the window and she picked a huge fight with me. She was sitting in the backseat and a coworker was sitting up front with me. When I dropped him off she continued to sit in the backseat! I made her come sit up front with me. But then when we're on the plane together she wanted to sit next to me and was playing with her hair flirty so I don't really understand it. Or I will set a meeting at work to meet in person and she'll cancel it or she'll tell me to turn it into a teleconference, she works in a different building. Or another time she had me come meet her in her building. So I did and I had to wait 10 minutes and finally had to walk all the way back to her desk to get her what is this? Last time we met in the cafeteria at work I could tell she was enjoying my company and we are working well as a team we are joking around about XXX she was laughing and she kept looking around and saying people think were not working ha ha Ha. Then later I send her an invite and say let's meet every Friday for a half an hour so we can work on this project together and stay onthe same page she declines it!

She'll do things like accidentally bump my arm or tap my foot underneath the table like accidentally bump my leg. I think she is touchy-feely I've seen or touched my buddy on his arm right in front of me another time which may me pretty jealous. The last time we travel we got in an argument at dinner and I bumped her foot under the table on purpose she pulled it back immediately. We continue to argue about work stuff I guess discuss and then we walked upstairs to our rooms and she stopped in front of my door it was like 10 o'clock at night and we continue to debate in front of my hotel room door for like five minutes. I finally said I have to pee really bad and started opening the door to my room and said so if you'd like to continue discussing this we can? And she kind of awkwardly laughs amd kind of hesitated Iike maybe she was thinking about it. Then said no we can talk about it tomorrow.

i am so confused? Help?


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  • Ignore her and focus on your work

    • Agreed! But any idea what her problem is?

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    • It is getting annoying, I am trying this but it makes it difficult because she has stuff I need at work.

    • Ignore and focus on yourself, because if you let her get to you. You might get fire.

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