Is this guy lying about being a virgin?

There is a 20 year old guy friend at my school and I do not know if he truly is a virgin. I have been asking him how many partners he has had lately and never seemed to get an answer. I know when I am with a group of friends he either tries to ignore the topic or he just acts like he knows everything about sex. But, what he says is more so stuff that is considered common knowledge. Today, I kept pressing the issue on how many partners he has had and he finally told me in private after I promised to not tell anyone, that he has had none. I know he can trust me because I have told him some of my secrets, such as being a virgin, but this was several months ago. He also is extremely smart and wants to get into medical school, but is also quiet. At first I thought he was just lying about being a virgin, but he still persisted. I know he said in front of friends that he has condoms when on dates, so I asked him about this. He responded that he has them just in case. However, he does not seem to be the type to go out a lot. Do you think he is truly a virgin or is he just lying?

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  • You're a virgin and he's a virgin... I see where this is going 😉


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  • My boyfriend was the same way and he was a virgin until he met me.


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  • It sounds like he's a virgin. I think he probably just carries the condoms to impress his friends. He probably has told them he has lost his virginity


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