Should I end it now or try to move on with it?

(irrelevant but just to help people understand I'm 17)
At the end of this summer I met a guy (same age), and we hung out (in groups) a couple times before going back to school. We talked back and forth casually, and then it started to pick up. He ended up asking me to the school dance, and everything went great! Following that we started talking everyday and we still do. Also we hang out more. Everything has been going great and he has been making me super happy. I really feel like my life is in a good spot.

However, I have people telling me not so great things. We are complete opposites (ex. I'm shy and he's not at all) which I like most of the time. But he is into partying and is a generally flirty person. As of a week ago we agreed that we are not dating yet but we wouldn't talk to anyone else/go on dates with anyone else. Which seeemed to be okay until people told me that he started flirting with someone else. And I know there are a decent amount of girls he still flirts with but says its friendly. Also he tends to say a lot of things that I do not morally agree with which is difficult. Often these things are socially inappropriate to say, but he does not realize that.

Anyways, my entire question is if you were in my situation would you continue as if nothing is wrong, or would you confront these problems and potentially end it?


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  • I would definetly confront the problems. First off, if he isn't willing for you to be his girlfriend, you are "just friends" and can look for someone else. The idea that there is some weird in between where you are exclusive but not official is stupid in my opinion. Clarity about your status is a good thing...

    Can you elaborate on the kinds of things he is saying? And is he aware that they put you in a weird position?

  • It depends if these things are deal breakers or not. Advice, people don't change. Its about loving the good and accepting the bad. Only you can decide if the bad outweighs the good


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