He doesn't want a relationship?

I hung out with this guy for the first time 2 months ago. About a month in, he told me he is not ready for a relationship since he just moved back into the country and is settling back in. However, since our first date we have talked every day and seen each other every couple of weeks (we live an hour and a half from each other and he works shift work). He also told me he is not dating anyone else, and often talks about things we should do together in the future. I know he said he doesn't want a relationship, but isn't this kind of what is happening? I have tried to act casual and am still keeping my eyes open for other possibilities, but I am really in to this guy. Should I try to bring up the relationship thing again now that it's been 2 months, or should I give up all together?


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  • When are you ladies going to learn? "I'm not ready" means "I just want to fuck with no commitment". You say back " when you are ready give me a call IF I'm still single"


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  • He's just playing you. He is a waste of your time.