Can guys really change their mind about commitment?

Recently 1 of my guy friends that I confessed that we liked each other. However he kept warning me he just got out of 5-yr relationship, wasn't emotionally stable, etc and wasn't looking for anything serious right now.. I reluctantly agreed to casual dating b/c I liked him so much (even tho I'm definitely a relationship person). 2 of our friends intervened & got angry at him for leading me into a "casual thing", and told him to either make it a real relationship or cut things off before someone gets hurt. He rushed over to my house after this confrontation and said stuff like "Let me make things clear, I'm NOT looking for a relationship and you are definitely not my girlfriend". I was shocked at his tone & told him I couldn't do this anymore, I didn't want casual dating, I wanted to date towards the goal of having a real relationship. Then I cut off all contact with him

2 weeks later he messaged me, and apologized for how harsh/blunt he was. He also said he was miserable without me, and we discussed things again & he said during our time apart he realized he wanted a relationship. He said he couldn't stand the thought of me dating others, and he was stupid to be freaked out about idea of a relationship before. I'm still very wary though, and said I want to take things slow before jumping into anything. Can guys really change their minds about wanting a relationship/commitment?


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  • Yes we can but how long has he been out of his last? You don't want to be a rebound, those never last

    • I think about 5-6 months.. do you think i'm just a rebound?

    • For him to flip flop so fast yes I think so

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