Guys, Go out more often?

My boyfriend and I have been dating a little over 6 months and things have been going well. The problem now is Halloween. As part of my birthday present he wanted to take me to 6 flags the day after Halloween. (I don't think he's comfortable dressing up. He's never dressed up for Halloween.) Last night he casually mentions that he thinks it might be weird if we go to 6 flags the week after Halloween.(originally said the DAY after but now he's saying a WEEK after) I said yea that would be weird. He said that he's really busy and doesn't know if he can go. It did hurt my feelings a bit because that was part of my birthday present. I didn't want to seem like a jerk because he did buy be a VERY expencive jacket. I asked what are we going to do for Halloween. He responded with an I don't know. So tonight (night b4 halloween) he gets off of work at 10:30pm and says that he's not coming over because he's too tired. I say it's ok and ask about tomorrow. He asked if I made plans. I said yes that we were asked to go with my friend's and their boyfriend to KTown for a bar and clubbing. He was silent and then said Oh gee I don't know. I'm really stressed at work and I will get out late. I'll be tired. You should go by yourself. I think you should go out more alone. I said after some long silence are you sure you want me to go alone? He said yea I think you should go out more alone with your friends. I dont want to annoy you by saying that I'm tired and bord. I dont know if this makes a difference but he's Korean. So WTF does he really not mind me out in my Halloween costume? Alone? Is he trying to say something without actually saying it? Does he want me to meet other guys? So confused. Not to mention kind of hurt because the way he said it was like he didn't care. I did tell him that I knew he couldn't stay out long and that my friends boyfriend would be there too and that I wanted him to come. He said that hed think about it tonight and let me know. Also he made a random comm


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  • I think I need to know more before answering. Do you know if there is a reason for him not wanting to dress up?

    Has he met your friends in the past? How did he interact with them? And how were your interactions in the past few days?

    • He says its because he's busy and has to get up early. As far as dressing up I think that may embarrass him I'm not sure.

      He want to one friends wedding with me and went home with me to meet my family but strangely hasn't met my other friends. I've met 5 of his and his brother.

      As far as the past few days I'd say OK. The only think was him asking if I thought we saw each other too much. I answered by saying do you think we do? He said no and I dad that How I feel. To day I just received s text saying Sorry i won't be able to go into the city today. I apologize. Have fun tonight. I just think its weird.

    • Sorry for replying late. Did you figure out what's going on?

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