Korean Boyfriend's Birthday?

My boyfriend is Korean. I am not so I can see why his parents may not be too thrilled. They however aparently are open about the relationship and have asked to meet me quite a few times. My boyfriend of 6 months hasn't made the effort for us to meet. His Birthday falls on Thanksgiving. He's not mentioned me spending Thanksgiving with his family even though he knows I have no one to spend it with. I will be alone. Not even with cats. (lol) Not to mention it's HIS BIRTHDAY! Yet he said we can celibrate it before or after Thanksgiving. Don't you think thats weird? Then he makes a mention that he'd like me to meet his family when his cousin comes from Korea becasue there will be more people and might make me less unconfortable. I said I wouldn't be unconfortable and wanted to know if he would be. He said he doens't want his mom to be rude to me. What are you thoughts? And why would she be rude for no reason?

  • He doesn't want me to actually meet his parents
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  • He doesn't think we are serious enough for that
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  • He knows his mom will hate me
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  • He's embarrassed of me?
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  • He's just being stupid?
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  • maybe he is embarrassed of what his family might do or say in front of you


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  • Korean parents can be quite disapproving of their children dating anyone other than Koreans. He probably has gotten some flack from his mom for this, and that is why he is saying his mom could be rude to you.

    If you are to meet his family, be ready to have a difficult time being accepted. Who knows, it could help to learn some Korean or even learn some of the cultural practices to show that you do have respect for their culture.


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