PLEASE HELP! How do I get in a relationship with this girl?

There is a girl in my math class (high school) that I am currently trying to get in a relationship with but I am having some difficulty.

She is relatively quiet, like myself.
I had a class with her last year
We follow each other on twitter
She has favorited a handful fo my tweets
If I remember correctly I remember her tweeting "why can't I be pretty like other girls" so she probably isn't concieted or stuck up
we dont talk too much
she is not very popular

During our spirit week on pajama day I did not wear pajamas. She said it was that I didn't wear pajamas when I wen to sleep. So that night I sent her a mirror selfie of me in pajamas followed by these messages.

PLEASE HELP! How do I get in a relationship with this girl?
The next day she was not very satisfied with the last message I sent (taken directly from a friend). She was very sassy in her tone. She also said that she was glad to see that I had participated in spirit week that day. (also in a sassy tone)

I have absolutely no idea what I am doing here. Please help.

I was debating whether or not to just be striaght forward and blunt about it and just tell her that I find her attractive and that I would like to hang out/date.

Please leave something more specific than, "just go talk to her" as so many people have told me.
In class she sits 2 seats behind me and 2 seats to the right of me, so I can't exactly talk to her in the middle of instruction. However, my friend and I are almost always the first ones to class and she is usually the 4th or 5th one there. So I have a couple minutes there and a couple minutes before class ends and thats usually about it.

I need very clear instructions on how to proceed because I am not good with this kind of stuff


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  • Her shyness result from her insecurities so this could be ur chance to shine. As long as u turn all her negativity into a positivity, u alrdy won her cuz that shows her that u care about her. When u make it seem like u care about her, she will gradually start fallen for u. Simple 👌🏼