Would guys from other countries like me better?

So, I'm mixed black and white. I live in a country where majority of people are white. People here always assume I'm from somewhere else, I don't speak their language, and I get dirty looks sometimes. Yeah I've come across really racist people but I try to not care about them.
But the problem is that I have never been on a date. Only over 50 years old guys approach me. Yeah I find it flattering but I'm not attracted to them. I know, that my looks aren't what guys here prefer. Here fair skinned blond girls are what everybody wants. I do get that those looks are popular all over the world but could guys from other guys be more open to date a girl with dark skin?
Don't get me wrong, I do approach guys myself too but I can see when they want nothing to do with me. I'm average weight. I'm quite tall though. I take care of hygiene, dress nice, put on make up and do my hair.( I know that my skin is not the only reason I have never dated. I used to be reeally shy and bit chubby)

I should also make it clear that I've born in this country I live. But what hurts me is that I'm treated like I don't velong here.


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  • The U. K. is quite accepting of us. I'd imagine that the US Would too.


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  • yes... a lot of countries would welcome foreigners.


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  • Metisse are the prettiest peeps 😍😍
    They re my fav type of beauty!
    I don t advise to come to lebanon though, they like blondes too :p

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