Why do people care or are so picky about dating?

Why do people care or are so picky about dating?

the way i see it is. go on a date. if it dosent work out. maybe you can be friends. if not just call it a night.

but they way people act from my experience is like there going to be with this person for the rest of their life.

no. you're not commiting. it's a date. to get to know the person. not a wedding where you go home with eachother.


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  • Because some people have set standards for themselves. And there's really no point in going on a date with someone who's not up to their standards in their eyes.

    • sigh. I just wish people didn't care. live it up. and have some fun. even if you don't like each other like that. maybe a friendship can form.

    • maybe it's just me. I really don't care. I just would like to meet people. and see what happens. but the way people are or act. judgmental, game playing and etc. makes it really hard to get to know anybody

  • Because a lot of people don't like going on dates and meeting new people like that. They think it's awkward, boring and just something you "have to" do when you want to find someone. So obviously you wouldn't do it if you already knew you aren't interested in the person that way.

    For other people it's that they don't have time to go on meaningless dates that they know they will get nothing out of. Like they have better things to do. They have their job/school, family and friends already. Now they just want a partner and don't want to waste time on someone they know can never be that.

    • I don't find it as awkward, boring, or "something to do" I see it more as making a relationship/friendship potential. but it's really hardtop meet others. when you don't give a care in the world. and others are just the opposite. I really don't understand people. i wish they could lower there standard's for once and go with the flow.

    • srry that's just me. im going to have to accept it weather I like it or not. I just really wish there was an easyer way of meeting someone. with out all this hassle. all this drama. a care free world.

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