Should I keep him updated even if he didn't ask for my news?

This guy and I met at work during the summer and by the end of the season he asked for my phone number. Then he said he wanted us to meet over a coffee or sth. Anyway I live in a different town during the year and told him I would tell him when I was in his town.
I told him I would probably visit by the beginning of October but I finally couldn't come and didn't give him any news since. He didn't ask for my news since neither. Didn't text or call. I thought maybe I should send him a text telling him I had been busy etc but I feel like since he didn't look for me this is unnecessary and then I don't want any misunderstanding beyween us (don't want him to think I am a liar )

what should I do? Also he's older then me


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  • Get in touch, be honest, if he can't accept this, then its time to move on. All you can do is be yourself and be honest, at least this way your attract the right kinda guy who is worthy of you, x

    • Thank you for this. But wouldn't it be weird to just send a text saying "hey I haven't contacted you since because I couldn't be in your town?" Isn't it better to wait till I actually am in town and tell him ( but would be in more than a month) ?

    • Yes, it sounds like your choices are the best ones to use. So trust yourself with this, I can't see much going wrong if you do, x

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