How to approach her?

I moved ro a new high school this year and I noticed this attractive girl that I want to get to know, we're both sophmores but we don't attend the same classes. The other day I followed her on instagram and she followed me back it's pretty basic but the next day she followed me on twitter and I of course followed her back, does it mean she wants to know me cuz she searched for me on twitter? Regardless of what It means I also want to know how to approach her, should I talk to her privatly on twitter first or?


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  • You just approach!

    • I have a question, do u think if i don't drive will be some kind of turnoff or it doesn't matter?

    • It depends on the girl. I personal don't mind as long as his funny or make me laugh.

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    It probably doesn't mean anything other than your username was the same on Instagram and Twitter. But she didn't ignore you and did connect with you on Twitter, so she's not disgusted or creeped out by you for sure.

    Maybe approach her and compliment her about a particular picture she took that you saw on Instagram, or if she tweeted something interesting lately, comment on that. If she has a picture from a family vacation in the Bahamas on Instagram, you might go up to her and say "Hey, where was that picture from the restaurant on the beach taken? That looks like paradise!" and when she answers, follow up with another open ended question to get her talking. Something like "Wow, that's awesome. It seems like you do a lot of traveling, what's your favorite place you've ever vacationed?" or something. Or if she tweeted about some current event, you could say "Hey, I saw your tweet about Hillary Clinton, you made a good point. What did you think about that last debate?"

    Use the Twitter / Instagram feeds to find a topic to bring up, a reason to approach her.

    If it's too much to approach her like that in person, maybe just say "Hey, followed you back on Twitter!" next time you pass her in the hallway at school, and then send a message later on. Don't keep it ALL online communication... Start building the offline connection too :-)

    • Ok thanks, i'm actually 16 but i thought it was one of those websites where u had to be 18 to register so I chose a random age above 18...

    • Figured as much... lol