I think this changed my relationships, need advice?

On Friday me and my boyfriend was suppose to go this hunted house that is 45 minutes away. Once we got there my car started acting up and long story short we never made it there, we had to call his brother in law to come and gets us. The whole car situation makes me so mad because right now I don't have car until hopefully it can be fix and so I'm stress and upset about it, My boyfriend has been trying to help which I appreciate. But yesterday after I left his house usually he blowin up my phone with cute emoji's saying his missed and would would keep the conversation going and even would tell me goodnight. But did not saying of those things I don't even me being mad about the situation push away. Last thing said was (babe everything will be okay) but even when he said that I still felt like he wasn't being himself... Like usually he blowing up my phone with cute emoji's and texting me all day but now it's like he hardly does. I could be overthinking about this whole thing and I don't know if he trying to give me my space. I just need advice because I don't want to lose him because I have been upset over a damn car.
Picture is what the conversation has been this just part of what has happened today I am the green bubble and he is the gray. I just need advice on this.
I think this changed my  relationships, need advice?


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  • errr... I am not sure!

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