Why would a guy on a dating website ask if I wanted friends with benefits when my profile clearly says serious relationship?

I guess I am ranting, but I am on a dating website and none of my photos are provacative. I am kinda annoyed because I just had a guy ask me that and I said no to him. So out of curisoity, I went to his profile and he said that he is looking for a serious relationship. DO I look like a whore?



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  • You look a little serious, but not a whore :-P

    He's probably just casting a wide net, throwing a bunch of s**t against the wall and seeing what sticks. Maybe the "serious relationship" in his profile means "serious F buddy relationship" or maybe it's the ol' bait and switch trick. Or maybe he just thinks you're very attractive but based on your profile or whatever, aren't what he's looking for in a serious relationship?


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  • cause he doesn't know how to read


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  • More than half of the guys on dating sites, just want hookups.


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