Girls, Advise for an odd situation?

I recently found that my girlfriend of 3 1/2 years was having sex with her best friends boyfriend (he was my best friend). Out lf spite me and her bestfriend began chit chatting. This chit chat became an interest over the last 2 weeks and I asked her to go on a date. here's the thing, my last two relationships (only real realtionships) were both long and started as a fling and went from there. So I have never taken a girl on a "first date." Looking for advise on what to/what not to do? What to/what not to ask, and what to/not to talk about?


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  • I feel like you should break up with your respective cheating SO's before going on a date. Then my thoughts on a date is its like hanging out but with a lot of intimate get-to-know-you questions and flirting. Just be kind, polite, find similar interests to have conversations about, and some gentlemanly gestures can't hurt (holding the door open, getting her chair, etc). Good luck!

    • I broke it off with her as soon as I found out. Thank you for the advise!

    • Ah, okay! Good luck on your date! :)