I'm so confuse right now. What should I do?

I only see this guy 2 or 3 days of the week at lunch. I know things can be awkward between us, because i never know what to say. I don't know but when a guy shows interest in me, my first reaction is to shut him out. He's trying but i feel we are moving to fast. He and ex broken up a while back. Last week he said he still needed time but this week he keeps holding my hand. I don't know for sure if i like him. So leading to my question. I recently found out he has never been trick-or-treating so when i got home i thought it would be sweet to be the one who takes him, he has yet to reply and the day is almost over. I've been waiting and became really upset. I say i dont like him but why am i so mad that i can't spend time with him. Time is all i want. I feel as this (if you even want call it that) relationship is going nowhere and this is what i want to tell him. I want to tell him alone, but I've never have alone time with him since we only see each other at luch and when don't even have a min. after lunch. He says he is what you might consider clingy so how do i do it in a nice matter?


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  • I don't think you can. He doesn't seem interested enough to want anything with you

    • I know and it scares me. I feel like i going to mess up.

    • I think you should forget him and move on

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