Guys, after this do you think how long should I wait to ask him if we can be more then friends or I shouldn't?

Well yesterday a guy and I hanged out but we once dated but we stopped talking for many year and now we are talking again and hanging out again. Well when we hanged out yesterday and we had a really nice time and he was very nice to me and acted like a gentleman like opening doors for me and he even bought me an Ice cream. We talked a lot and had some laughs lol. Then when a I got home I text to tell that I got home safe and I also told I had a great time. Then he texted me and said that he had a really nice time and that he hoped that we could keep hanging out. Should I ask him on a date or He was just acting like a friend and there is no potencial for nothing else then a friendship?

  • No, he was just being nice.
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  • Let him do the chasing, you should continue as you are unless he states that he likes you and wants more. You guys have dated before so never go backwards and never let an ex know your still into them unless they state this fact first, x


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