Just a friend, or interested in more?

I have this female friend who I've known for about five years, she's just... wonderful, an amazing person and the most gorgeous lady I've ever met. To cut a long story short, the last time we caught up we spent a few hours together chatting, walking close, and then when it was time for her to leave we were standing there, looking into each others eyes for a few seconds (felt like ages) and... I wanted to kiss her BUT she's previously said she's not interested. She could have immediately wandered off (I thought she would) but the thing is though it felt like she was waiting for me to make a move... Confusing. She also knows I like her as more than a friend, oddly enough recently I made a comment about checking out her butt and she seemed okay with it.

Being generally horrible with women I just wanted to see if that pause might have meant anything...


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  • Maybe she's curious and is debating whether she could/should like you or not.

    • I was wondering the same thing... She indicated she wasn't interested previously, however that was very shortly after I came out of a long term relationship that I honestly wasn't recovered from, which she knew

    • Honestly, it seems she is interested now

What Guys Said 1

  • Just go for it next time. Rejection might suck, but wondering if you should have is going to bother you more.