Is that possible to find NSAs or FWBs?

Hi there,
is that possible to find NSAs or FWBs without even stepping into clubs, bars?
Cause im not a drinker, for now.
I tried online dating, it's very hard to achieve my outcome.
For now, im just dating and have fun, see how it goes, don't really into serious relationship until i find someone who's compatible with me.
I'm honest, straight forward kind of person. Eventually i also find the similar quality girl.

  • Yes. It's possible, but the chance is very low, nice girls seems always looking for serious relationships
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  • No. You have to step into nightclubs, because the most fun girls, FWBs quality are inside.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Tinder, my man. That's the best way to find a friends with benefits but you should make it clear that's what you want.

    Cause for some strange reason there are some people who actually use tinder for relationships

    • I've matched with 5 girls for now. zero chance to get out with one girl, for now.
      I'm not into textings, i prefer to chat over voice call or video calls to see whether we're compatible before meeting up.
      But my idea, seemed unacceptable for most girls.
      ''They wanna take it slow'' just to speak, or i heard NO RESPONSE from them.

Most Helpful Guy

  • If you had female friends in school, college those places.

    • I'm almost graduating, so I've missed the golden moments of my uni. life. gonna step into working life

    • Work is another place depending on your job you get social environments at the work place too.

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  • You will never find the girl you are compatible while looking for girls to have sex with.

    • Elaborate more.

    • You can hook up and have fun, find an NSA/FWB its pretty easy, but yoj said you would only want to do this till you find a girl you are compatible with and want to keep. How would you find this girl if you are busy trying to find girls you just want to have a fling with?