How to attract younger women more?

I have this problem where I can attract women much older than me (like 23-26, see this older question, there's been more examples since I posted it) but I can't attarct any younger women that much. It's strange because at 19 you'd expect it to be the opposite. I thought I had something going with two girls who were younger than me in the past, but it turns out they were just playing games (yes I know this is common with teen girls).

So, what can I do to attract younger women instead? Like 16-19? It just makes me feel so out of place to have older women like me, not wrong, but it goes against what I thought was the norm. I'm not going to go hunt for girls at my old HS, because I hoenstly don't have time for that and the girls form my old HS are almost all garden tools.

Any tips?


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  • I'm in the same boat. I attract older, which is fine! They are more mature (most of the time) it really depends where you hang out and who you know. You can avoid highschools. College parties, you won't find anyone under 18. The waterpark in the summer is a perfect place. Movies mall etc. somewhere where you'd see younger people hang out.

    One thing I loved when I was younger. Guys who would actually approach me, it's only on rare occasions they'd say something like "my name is ____ *sake my hand* I'm sorry you're just so beautiful I had to come up to talk to you but I'm so nervous" confident cute and so sweet!!! That will win you the prize my friend. Let me know if you have any further questions


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  • I've had similar issues also so I understand. If one possessed an old soul or seemed mentally mature they might give off an air that may attract a certain age range. For example, people have often thought I was in college or already an adult based off of my behavior. It's not a negative thing to appear older than you are (Mentally). Older people who go after younger looking individuals may not have the best intentions though keep in mind. I'd just say be yourself and try to go to places where the younger populous hang out. You could even pick up a new hobby and meet people that way I suppose too. :)


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