Confused if she is ignoring me?

So I met this girl from my school on Tinder. We texted for about a week and everything was great. We finally met up and met one another. We talked for about 3.5 hours. Everything seemed natural and to go really well. After that we continued to text everyday. The day after we met she said she had a really good time and I asked her on a real date and she said "I would like that." I then proposed a date but she said she was going home but "we will have to soon."

So last night was out school's Halloween dance. She changed her costume and wouldn't tell me what it was because "it was a surpise." I told her that she will look better than everyone there and she said "Awe you are too sweet."

At the Halloween dance I couldnt find her because there were 500+ people packed into the room. After it was over she texted me and said she left her phone in her friends room (you couldnt leave the dance once you went in) and said she never saw me. I told her I wished I'd saw her and she said she wanted to see me too.

I texted her today and then I said "We've gotta figure out when were gonna go on out date. I wanna see you again."

She never responded. I know she posted a picture of her friends on instragram. Do you think she's ignoring me or does it seem like she maybe isn't interested anymore? Or am I overhtinking and there isn't any real indication her thoughts on me have changed?


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  • At this point, I think she doesn't care for you, cause she thinks you don't care for her aswell.

    • How does that make any sense? I text her all the time and I'm nice and I think it's obvious that I'm interested in her? I can't figure out where you're getting that from.

    • Cause you couldn't find her in Halloween... But don't mind me, I'm not good at guessing.

    • Maybe. But I really couldn't find her. I didn't know what she was wearing and I looked all over. And she could see that I texted her and tried to find her. I hope your wrong because I like her a lot