Please someone help me?

Is it shady when he says he deactivated his Facebook then I look on my other Facebook and its still up? He keeps denying it and saying he deactivated it but then I go on my other one and its still up.


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  • That sounds shady as F***!
    Looks like he blocked you on your main facebook profile which is why you can't see his account, but he didn't block the other one which is why you can see it.

    You do have 2 accounts, right?

    • Yes I do. Unless he thinks he deactivated it but didn't really

    • Don't make excuses for him. If he's invisible on one account, but his profile is right there like it normally is on the other one, he's blocked one of your two facebook accounts.

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  • Yes, is it also shady that you have two facebooks?

  • Show him, not just tell him. Surprise it. See his reaction. And ask him why calmly.


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