Signs a shy guy is interested? Help?

1. I know he's a bit shy/reserved 2. At one point like a year ago now I know he found me attractive, that's all I know.

- He NEVER initiates conversations, not even saying "bye" or anything first if we're around and im leaving nearby, but if I say something/initiate he's receptive and engaged? (example: If I say something that is difficult to reply to/not open ended I can see him try to come up with something to say/make that effort)

- He's really nice and attentive in conversations, but literally gives the most brief answers/doesn't ask questions back... like for example: "Are you wearing a costume for halloween?" "Yeah :)" ... wtf?

- And If I ask a question he'll give the briefest response to me but then stand there looking at me waiting for me to say something like "Is there a drop off box in the building?" "No" *looking at me in silence*. wtf?

I don't understand if he's really NOT interested in me or what? I've never liked a shy guy before so I don't know how they act...


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  • Pay attention if he is like that with other people, more specifically other girls. Is he known to be very shy? Shy guys will generally try to slip hints that they are interested. From personal experience (I can be very shy) I would say he is not interested, most shy guys will try to keep the conversation moving if you start it and may go way to keep it going if he really wants to, only because sparking up the next conversation can be be awkard again for a shy guy. Easiest thing to do is just ask.


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  • hmm... if he keeps looking at you!

    • A guy does that to me. He never spoken to me lol

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    • At their eyes!

    • Aha lol😂😁

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