Would you add a girl you like on facebook?

About a year ago I met a girl on a Christmas party through a friend. We didn't talk too much but she showed the common signs of attraction such as eye contact, touching her hair, discovering her neck, etc. but I was unsure if she was attracted to my friend or to me. I was decided to do my thing but my friend asked her out first. She rejected him but she then apologized to him for being rude and even invited him to a Saint Valentines outing. At the time I was unsure what to do since it was a complicated situation. I contacted her through facebook and asked her about her church and I attended a few times in hope of seeing her... I never saw her. The point was to interact with her without my frind present and see if she showed signs of attraction. It seems like they still in contact and now she invited him to a church service where she will perform. He invited me but I'm not sure if I should... I never added her on facebook so I don't know if she took that personal. I just feel weird about it. What if she shows interest again? How can I know if she is interested in me or him?

Any comments? LOL


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  • i would go for it


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