Girls, Should I steal this boy's girlfriend?

There's this White Girl that I work with that I want and I think she wants me too but she's with a White Boy and she wouldn't be so friendly with me if she was satisfied with him, I catch her looking at me all the time and I like watching her too. Should I work my magic? or leave her alone until she breaks up with him.

I know I can take her from him if I wanted too, he is afterall just a puny white boy and most women like us blacks more than white boys these days anyways and I suspect that this girl wants me and I'll have her one way or another.

I just want a 2nd opinion if i should go in for the kill or circle patiently like a vulture?

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I'm a Girl
All I wanted was some advice on how to approach this from a female perspective, not to get torn down.

and I bet half of you are White Men posing as White Women trying to make your fellow pigs feel good about themselves by attacking me.


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  • Go for it, this ain't the 1950s anymore and everyone's fair game in this dog eat dog world we live in, so bite the head off the runt and claim his bitch. And you are correct about Black Men being at the top of the sexual totem pole these days, White Men's days at the top are over and I'm sure the guy you're trying to take the girl from knows this.

    Have fun!

    • ^ Bitch Logic 101

    • @AnnaLeighMarie You're the one being the bitch and judging from your picture and some of your opinions you're nothing but a stank anyways and I bet you have things crawling on you that the doctors don't even have names for yet

    • Okay, now I'm floored!!!

      First off- I have no health problems, I don't have aids or stds so quit assuming I do.

      Second- Black men aren't all that. I've been in a relationship with a black man, I've had sex with a few and believe me, the white men I've been involved with were more endowed and better lovers than they were. I'll leave it at that. I'd take a "Puny White Boy" over a hyper-arrogant Black Manchild like you (assuming you are black and not a troll) any day, all day.

      And lastly- You just pissed me off to no end! you hide behind a computer, you trashed me anonymously and you basically just ruined my day off from work, so I'm taking the gloves off and believe me, I may be a woman but I can throw down with best of them and I've been in a few tussles verbal and physical, online and off.

      So if you wanna fight, if you want a flame war, I'll be waiting for your reply!

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What Girls Said 4

  • Racist much? Actually, most girls don't like "blacks more than white boys" bruh, no they like honest, caring, sweet, and humorous men, NOT guys who are looking for guidance on the internet whether they should steal their boyfriends. Racial preference usually isn't a big deal. or at least not in my book. There's a reason why she's not with you, because you said "GIRLS WANT ME AND I'LL HAVE HER ONE WAY OR THE OTHER" NOOO, NOOOOOOO.

    • I can tell you from experience that this ain't true and you're lying out of your teeth.

      If you girls were honest, looks would be the deciding factor in who you mate with, you want your babies to have the best possible genes and believe me most girls want a man of my race because we're the most attractive, the tallest, the most athletic, the most dominant, and the best endowed... how can a woman not want that for her child? Compared to us, all other "men" are little boys in comparison. Yes, women want the best possible mate and survey after survey after survey proves that women of all ethnicities want a black man in their lives and you PeachSunset are lying to make lesser men feel good... and to quote another answer below- It's a Dog Eat Dog world and I and other men like me are the Pitbulls biting the heads off of runts out there.

  • Don't be scummy.
    Trying to snatch a girl from her boyfriend is super scummy. And think a white girl needs a black man instead of a "puny white boy" is wrong too. Learn to be a decent human being.

    • I'm not being scummy, white men rape the women of other races plus their own all the time, every day, and they get away with it, they don't deserve their women and white women need guys like me in their lives because we're strong enough to protect them from predators like Ted Bundy, Jeffery Dahmer etc. etc. who all happen to be white men. I love white women and I hate seeing them suffer at the hands of white men, we would never rape, kill or torture women but they fantasize about that.

    • I think you're either trolling to the extreme or have some deep-seeded issues to deal with regarding your feelings towards all white men.

      Do you not realize how racist that is to clump up all white men as rapists or murderers, or that they're toxic to women in some way? Every ethnicity has rapists, murderers and men that will hurt women physically and emotionally. It's not because of their skin colour, it's a psychological problem.

      I think one of the psychological problems you have, besides your hard feelings for white men, is how you think it's okay to prey on a girl already committed in a relationship, and to be so cruel and hard-hearted to a seemingly innocent "puny white boy" that you don't even know.

      What are you getting out of this if you somehow succeed? Screwing over a guy you don't know and getting a girl that so easily drops her boyfriend at the sight of another romantic prospect. A girl like like would likely do the same to you too in the future.

    • *like that

  • "that I want," "I'll have her one way or another." I hope beyond everything that this doesn't work out for you. She is not an object to be had.

    • Not true, I don't view women as objects. I want this girl so bad it hurts.

  • How 'bout you leave her, her boyfriend and their relationship the fuck alone?