You like someone and invite them out in a group?

So you have known someone you like but you have yet to tell them, you have known them for 3 months. You decide to have a group outing and invite some of your friends along with that said person. That person you like then tells you that they like your friend as they are hot, and if they are single (which they are). How would you feel?

  • Feel sad and tell them they are single
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  • Feel sad and say they already have someone even though they don't
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  • Feel sad and tell them right there that you like them
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  • Feel happy and help hook them up
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  • other
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  • Feel sad and tell them right there that you like them


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  • Well I'd call it as the bummer that it is and then do absolutely nothing. I'd feel kind of pathetic if I suddenly came out and did the "ya know, I actually like you so date me instead of them" or someshit like that.


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  • Yeah it's a huge bummer but don't lie to get what you want. I would honestly say I don't know because I'll probably be in a bad mood but act like it doesn't bother you.


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