How to keep a good guy interested?

Guys, what keeps you interested in continuing to date a girl?

Girls, How do you keep a guy interested in seeing you?

(I am no good when it comes to dating, I'm surprised he has even asked me out on a third date. We haven't gone passed the hug stage just great conversation so far).

I am very much interested in him and don't want to stuff things up, so how do I keep him interested?


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  • Well if you're not ready to show interest in the way most guys want (physical) then you should be showing active interest (initiating conversation, initiating dates, treating him, etc) instead of passive interest (waiting on him to initiate conversations, simply agreeing to grace him with your presence, etc)

    • Hey thank you for your tips :) I was thinking of buying him a small but thoughtful gift for the third date, is that too much?

    • As long as it's not too expensive and extravagant

    • Nope just thoughtful, he mentioned he loves fishing but often gets sunburnt so I want to get him sunscreen and a cool hat :)

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