Can dating be simple for once?

can dating be simple for once?

surely i can't be the only one. that is sick of all the dead ends. the bailing before paying dinner person. the im not showing up person. the lame "im stuck in traffic" excuses person. the i like you then i don't like you person. and many more. when does it end.


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  • its not dating then tho

    • im just saying. every time I meet someone I seem to have the bad luck. because they never enjoy themselves really. I mean I don't except everyone to enjoy them selves. but it would be nice if 1 person in a blue moon actually enjoyed a date.

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    • Oh don't worry im quite the opposite actually :). ill only be negative because people shouldn't have the right to treat you badly and think they can do whatever they like to hurt others. and im only sad because i have no friends that visit me. I guess at least I have movies/games and other things to keep me entertained

    • thats quite sad... but you should go visit them! be more outgoing!

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  • holy shit!! bailing before even finishing dinner? wow sorry man. that's awful.

    • it's all good dude. im used to it now. it seems every date I get. just ends up being horrible.

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  • It doesn't end until you find the right person. Even then, people change and sometimes not for the better.