What to do about his mom not wanting us to see each other?

Okay so me and this guy have been talking for about 3 months now. He is 15( will be 16 in 20 days) and I'm 18. His mom was fine with us hanging out at first, I met his family and we all had a good time. Recently she had been questioning him all the time about our "status". After questioning him one day, she then went and looked at when we texted Online.. She was just like "y'all reply very fast." And your phone needs to be off before 12. When he asked to hangout with me she would always say go straight there and come home. Or just a plain out no. She never gave us real time to hang out. We have been sneaking out for ever since we first started talking and sleeping in a hammock. I really like this guy but I'm pretty sure his mom officially hates me now because last night they called him and was like your busted we know what you have been doing. Let me put out there is mom is Catholic and VERY strict. Is there anyway I can fix this? I really want to be with this guy. And if he doesn't try to talk to his mom and "forgets us" does that mean he never really liked me? I just want to make sure allow us to hang out and realize that we are just teenagers who do stupid stuff.. But my age shouldn't have anything to do with it. If she liked me at first.. How could she just randomly be like I don't like you because of your age and you being with my son to much? Way over protective mom...


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  • I quote
    1. "How could she just randomly be like I don't like you because of your age"
    2. "Let me put out there his mom is Catholic and VERY strict."

    They above could be the reasons. But fixing this is quite difficult... Some parents do having that feeling that "oh my boy is having sex at that age", "who is the girl", "i can't let this continue".

    If you're certain that such isn't going on, i suggest you both open up to his mom.

    • But what if it is going on and we are? His dad already knows that, but doesn't care. It's his mom that does.. And is preventing us from being together

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    • Just updating you on everything...
      I spoke with his mom & everything is fine now. She just doesn't let her eyes off of us.

    • Happy to hear you spoke with her.
      Mothers are so caring and vigilant... His 16 now, right? It just a matter of time. She doing it because of the boy...

      Lemme tell you something. You want freedom?
      Be a close family friend... Am 100% sure you know how.

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  • Its the age difference. If you live in the U. S. You're a legal adult. Of course she is not ok for her son dating an adult. It probably didn't fully hit her about the age difference until now. I know all of this because I dated a 21 year old when I was 16. My parents liked him at first but once the idea started to kick in... After a while they've threaten to press charges since he was an adult. If I were you just find someone your own age or older to avoid all of the drama that's about to come because believe me... It will come since they are over protective.

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