Has this ever happened to you when you went on a date with a girl?

Has this ever happened to you when you went on a date with a girl?

So I went out with a girl about a week ago, it went well but I dropped the ball on the kiss at the end. We tried to set up multiple dates after that, but for one reason or another, our schedules di
I started seeing this girl recently, we had gone out once before but then she invited me to go bar hopping with her, her brother and his wife for Halloween. I didn't think much of it at the time, but after the intial introductions it became obvious to the brother that I was more than just a friend. I had my arm around her for most of the night and at one point the girl, we'll call her Abby, turns to me and says "my brother wants to punch you" and he responds with "no, I'm just really protective of my sister and she's dated a lot of creeps." He was in a knight costume with a plastic sword, so he would make semi threatening motions with the sword if we got too close. He always had his eye on us and it made me kind of uncomfortable.

About 5 times throughout the night, the brother and wife would leave to go to the bathroom or something and Abby and I would start making out, but we'd always have to keep an eye out for when they would come back. One time, all I heard from her was "oh... he saw that" and he is literally right there, sword drawn and says "I'm always watching, I'm always here." She took that as a challenge and became much more bold and said "screw it, I have dirt on him anways" and she stopped caring if he was there.

We parted ways later, and I texted her saying I had a really good time (I couldn't kiss her goodnight because the brother insisted on walking her home). She said she did too and she hopes her brother didn't scare me away. Which he didn't, because I understand his concern, I'm a brother too.

But this actually ended up almost making the date better because it was more exciting, kind of a forbidden fruit kind of thing, and I think she liked the fact that we were basically "breaking the rules". But has this ever happened to you? And if it did, how did it go for you?


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