Should I tell my dad that the girl he is talking to is not real?

My dad has been "talking" to this Victoria's Secret supermodel that has a lot of money. However, he constantly talks about her. I was extremely suspicious of this and looked at her facebook page and could only find one actual picture of her. I have not told him of my suspicions even though he claims to have met this women once. However, he was suppose to meet her a couple of months ago, but that never happened and supposedly, she is just to busy to meet him. I am very suspicious that he is telling this "woman" about where we live and everything about us. Furthermore, I fear that he is sending money to her, even though he is dit broke and does not even have enough money for his medications. What is disgusting about this though is that she is in her 20s and he is 59 years old. Today, I was tired of hearing about this woman and traced the one image on google and found a match on another page that belonged to a real Victoria's Secret model with a different name and 500 thousand likes on facebook. What this means is that someone justcopied and pasted the image of a real model and created a fake facebook account under a different name. Should I tell my father and furthermore, how should I handle this situation with him as I feel that he is not completely mentally there.

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  • Not saying come right out and tell him... but... you should logic him into figuring it out for himself.


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  • He is being cat fished and scammed out of money, if she was a real model she wouldn't need any money from him. Just tell him and show him, there are plenty of sites on the web about this


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  • Tell him but i bet he wouldn't believe you.


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