A girl who is dating another guy has feelings for me?

so im a 17 year old boy, and im in grade 12. i've had a crush on this girl since grade 10. I've always had suspicion that she liked me back aswell. We were just both too shy. In grade 11, i tried talking to her more. i still knew she liked me. Also, she always played mind games on me and tried to get me jelous. she was a diffcult girl to read, but i got the hang of it after a while. she always seemed like me when i ignored her. if i gave her any attention, she would get more cocky and turn away. if i turned away, she'd come back to me. She is attracted to guys who are unavailable and guys who ignore her. i had to use that as a tactic. It took a while but I eventually got the guts to ask her out in a time where she was chasing me for ignoring her. she said yes! thinsg were going good. there was a problem. the girl i asked out was really busy with work. i asked her again about that date, and she said shed be free in the summer vacation. i asked her out close to the end of the year. she told me to call her in the summer. texted her but she kept getting busy. we never had out date. I thought she lost interest. then i heard she started dating another guy, and then broke up with him cause she didn't feel like it anymore. the school year started again in September and we are in grade 12. she's acting a little shy around me. when i said hi to her, she smiled and i got a postitive reaction. but i still feel like she's nervous around me, like the way she used to when she liked me. nows she dating a bad boy who is a notorius jerk. i had a talk with her after a long time about what happened over the summer. when we talked, we laughed and things were just like old times. i know she still has feelings for me. our convo was ended short, but from what i got, there was a misunderstanding. we both thought that the other didn't like us anymore when in reality we did. thats why she thought she needed to move on. it could have been us. she talkin bout me to her boyfriend. there's rumours. nowwhat?


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  • then why is she dating someone else


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