Good way to approach online, without much info on her profile?

i always thought this was difficult af lol.
i can't say anything to most girls online other then 'hey/how are you/how was your weekend/whatever', because their profile gives me NOTHING to work with.
what do i say when all she has are some selfies, taken in a bathroom or so, and she has no info on her profile at all? what creative thing can i say?


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  • Just say you seem a bit mysterious. Would you tell me a little bit about you. Or ask specifics. Whatever it is you would like to know about her.


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  • why don't you instead try to meet girls you can actually see in real life? as oppose to a screen?

    Anyway, just say hi and go from there. nothing hard about that... and asking how your weekend was, doesn't imply you need to know more information from her profile, it simply is a question and there will be an answer, irrelevant to if you read something more or something less from any profile.

    • to answer your first question:
      im an introvert, living in a new country for almost 3 years, where i've made 0 new friends (just to show how much of an introvert i am), and i dont have a lot of free time. my job does not allow me to meet girls, and my hobby (how i pass most of my free time) i do at home, alone. of course i'd much rather meet girls in person and not through a phone screen... but it seems like its the only option atm. unless a woman approaches me in the bus or so lol.

      and my comment to your comment:
      the reason i asked in the first place, is because those simple questions, NEVER get a response lol. in the little bio text, lots of girls just have 'write something interesting/creative and not the standard 'hi how are you''. to me it sounds like a good start of a possible conversation, but i guess most girls dont see it that way, thats why i asked :)

  • just be like i agree sth you wrote online.
    i mean most guys chat me up that way xD

    • sorry, didn't understand the first sentence

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    • okok... thanks a lot for your feedback!
      I don't know whats going on now lol. either im doing something very wrong and most girls think like you... or you are an exception hehe:D

    • I don't know how the girls on here are xD sorry

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