Which one should I chooooose😭😭😭?

I got in contact with 2 girls. One sent a friendrequest on FB I accepted and we started chatting, I asked her out and we will go out next week. The other girl was a girl who is in my gym, I was too shy to approach her first but later got some balls and when she smiled I just said "Such a beautiful smile! I have to smile immediatly when I see it!" she thought that was cute and we started chatting. Both gave me their number, but the Girl from the gym just broke up and isn't ready for a relationship, but is my ideal type. The other girl is just single and ready for a new one but is NOT my ideal type even though she's pretty.

The problem is, I am Single for soo long.. I dont want to wait anymore. And what if I wait for the gym girl to be ready and then she just finds another guy? Is it worth the risk if she's my ideal type, maybe because she gave me her number? Or should I just pick the Girl that wants me anyways?


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  • This is difficult go with the girl in the gym because you like her more! unless, you want to go with someone your not attractive to. If I were you I just would avoid them both! Its sound like a break-up bound to happen!


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  • Relationships are feminist arrangements doomed to fail and cause mental issues...

    • This doesn't help me with my decision though.. even IF you would be right (which is BS), your opinion is so out of the contex its ridiculous. Like someone says "Do you think I should take the red or the blue car?" and you say "Red and processed meat causes cancer!"*derp voice*

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    • Oh just shut up finally..

    • Wake up man.

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