Is it wrong for me to talk to a girl if I only want one thing?

If you want to get a full detail of the type of guy I am then you would have to look at my other posts/questions on here, but to give a brief summary; I am very picky and waiting on my one true soulmate to come around, I am virgin who practices abstinence, and a good amount of people would consider me attractive with that being said. I know what type of woman is inside the range of my physical ideal and I know what I want to pursue, however despite this of course I am still attracted to women who are outside the range of my physical ideal. The case is often when a woman such as this (outside my ideal) will look my way, attracted to me. I'm used to a good amount of people staring when I walk in a place at my age now, and when I see women such as this look/stare at me I'll look their way smile ocassionally or just act as if I didn't see them, like I said I'm waiting on one person so I see no point in talking. Now I question if it's right for me to pursue these girls that I am attracted to (but not attracted enough to make a girlfriend) with the intention of cuddling/making out (my Netflix and chill) or having intelligent conversations even if I know I don't necessarily (since there are exceptions in everything) have the intention of making them my girlfriend.

Thoughts/ Opinions all welcome


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  • If you're upfront with your desires and don't emotionally manipulate them then you're ok


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