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Me and my boyfriend have been together for two years. Lately he has been talking to me mad rudely, to me making it seem every thought, question, what I say is stupid. He makes it seem like i should not even be speaking at all, everything i say should be kept to myself. For this reason I stopped speaking or telling him what i feel or think because i dont want to be treated like i am an idiot. We are in college, so i give him the space he needs to study, be with his family, and speak to him when he is free. I do not pressure him to be hang out with me or text me because school is more important and i want him to succeed, i push him to do better and compliment him and motivate him to do better But he does the opposite for me, whenever i do well he just puts me down. He always raises his voice at me but he has always been this way. I tell him to spend time with his family instead of me because i know family is important. I honestly think I am a good Girlfriend. We barely see or speak to each other how we used too, but when we do have the free time together even if its 15-20 mins, he always wants to invite his lab partner who he calls "pretty" and "cute". Ill mention he never complimments me. When I got mad at him for doing so, he thinks im being wrong. I try to explain to him we never have time together, i do not feel comfortable being around someone you compliment. I am not clingy, and make sure i do everything he asks me to do to not make his life hard. But when i tell him how i feel, because it hurts me he gets mad at me, and blames me. He tells me not to worry about anything, but when you put me down, not make me feel nice, and stuff how does he expect me to react. He says im over reacting and making everything a big deal. When in reality i do everything i can to make his ilfe easier and not stressful. I try to help him as much as I can, he tells me to calm down and pushes me away.


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  • you are over reacting

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