I like a guy but his friend likes me?

I met this guy and I really like him, he is just so perfect the only problem is that his best friend likes me so much and it doesn't give me a chance to even get him to like me and I'm not sure what's the right thing to do give up, tell the best friend that I like the guy or just keep hanging out and hope he will like me and say something

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  • Tell the best friend that you like the guy
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  • Keep hanging out with him and hope he will like me and say something
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  • Flirt with the best friend and try to make him jealous
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If you have any other ideas of what I should do and how I should behave I would really appreciate it :)


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  • I voted on the 2nd one. Please understand that if you go through with this you will probably end there friendship. Think about this is it really worth it. From experience you will probably breakup with guy in a few months or so. Life is too DAMB short to deal with drama. Trust.


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  • I have been in a similar situation, unknowingly. I was online dating and this guy I knew messaged me. I went to school with him but I didn't really like him. He was kind of a jerk.

    So I didn't message him back but he wanted to meet up with me. But I didn't want to meet up with him.

    Then a year later his friend messaged me (I didn't know they were friends). I started seeing him and really fell for the guy. Then we went to an event and this guy was there and I found out they were friends. I felt so bad!

    I would tell the guy upfront, try to let him down easy. I'm sure if he is a good friend, then he will step aside and let his buddy date you if he likes you.


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  • I've experienced a similar situation. Out of pure luck and sheer coincidence, I met this guy I had seen a few times and I had liked ever since -- only to find out that one of his closest and oldest friends liked me. I knew he liked me because we had kissed before, but as soon as I met his friend and I noticed that he liked me, everything changed. Bottom line: it didn't work. Up to today, I only talk to his friend. We've lost contact. Sure, I did wish that things would had been different and that we would have gotten a chance to be together, but I like the way things are now. Just move on! There are many great opportunities out there for you, you just need to make space for them in your life. :)

  • Just give up!

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