Does he think I am crazy? He deleted me off facebook?

Hi all,

I met a guy on holidays and we had a drink. he seemed into me, but I did something stupid and cut our meeting very very short... he was clearly offended and didn't answer on any of my sms...
I kind of accused him of avoiding me, but he just didn't answer. I sent him like 2 messages after it.

Well anyways, three months later! I added him on fb and he accepted. I wrote a harmless message and asked him how he was doing...

Few minutes later, I saw that he deleted me and just ignored my message...

I don't think I am that ugly or anything, but he might think I am a freak for adding him again

it's not the first time that a guy I like deletes me off facebook (in an obvious manner...)


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  • He probably did a friend purge and you didn't make the cut. Sorry