How forthcoming should I be about my inexperience in dating and relationships?

It's a question that's been on my mind for a while. I'm 27 years old and I've never been on a date before. I've also never had sex or kissed anyone before.

For those of you wondering why, well... it's a bit of a long story with immigrant parents, different cultures, strict rules growing up, etc.

I want to get out there and start dating but I do wonder, how forthcoming should I be with this information? I think it would be nice to say something since it would lower my anxiety and it would be nice to not have to put on a show to impress a woman. Having said that, I realize it's unusual for a man at this point in life and I don't want to scare women off. Also I can understand that nervous fumbling at this age can be a turn-off.

My mind is a bit tired thinking about this so much. That's why I've come here to this forum, I need your guidance!


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  • i would not disclose that information until you have the lady's complete trust... that would be a while

    meanwhile i would focus on being confident and on being a great date - someone who is confident, certain, great listener, flirts a little, etc.

    ... and if you're curious enough about sex before doing the deed, there is surprisingly a lot of online articles and books about 'how to have sex', lol. nothing is left untouched these days.

    • Is a lady's complete trust usually formed before or after having sex?

    • from my experience and observation, usually before. especially if you're after something long term. they'd like to establish some emotional connection to know that you're not the type to 'pump and dump'

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  • You always have to put on a show to impress a woman. People will down vote me on this - but it IS true.

    I don't think you should say anything. Talking to girls these days - even the EXPERIENCED guys suck at dating technique... your dates likely will not notice.

    And besides - you're in the US and you need to start learning how to "fake it", brother. It's the national pastime! LOL


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  • Yeah you're gonna wanna bury that deep down inside. Pass a certain age, there's a negative stigma associated with a guy that's a virgin