Girls, would you ask a guy you weren't interested in about other girls?

I can't tell if my crush likes me or not. She'll ask me about my prom date (who cheated on me) "you liked her, didn't you?"
She'll also ask me about this other girl im just friends with: "How is she, you like her, don't you; she's an avid weight lifter and is pretty"
Is this girl just not interested in me or what?
She is the hardest girl I have met to decode...


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  • I don't think I would suggest girls to a guy I was interested in. I probably want him to be happy and wonder how his love life is going. I see him as a regular friend

    • Even if she acts like she likes me at times?

    • I think I would have to be in the situation to know. But a lot of guys confuse being nice with being flirty. It depends on your perception

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