How to break a stereotype?

I am Indian, but feel as if I am at a loss due to race.

1. Girls have a negative perception of Indian guys. We are unnattractive or creepy or boring. and we only get laid due to $$$. I may be a bit overweight and am a CS major, but I go to the gym, have many friends, play video games/watch TV shows like Family Guy and How to Get Away with murder. I also love basketball.

2. I have strict parents, but go out without their knowledge with some friends they would never agree with.

3. I know more about USA and have more White/Asian friends than Indian. I'd even join the US Army in a war of USA vs India.

4. I prefer friends over family.


6. I am very friendly, and approach girls without an intention to ***k.

How can I get a girlfriend as an 18-year-old college freshman? I don't want to miss the easiest sex/hookup/dating years.

Many girls hug me, laugh with me, invite me to hangouts, and even snapchat videos of me.


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  • My boyfriend of five years is an American Indian. Passamaquoddy Indian, to be exact. Many people stereotype him as well. People are stupid to believe such harsh things about people whom they don't know.

    • I mean Indian American, not American Indian. And I agree :/

    • What's the difference between American Indian and Indian American? Lol

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