How should I phrase it when I tell my crush I like her?

I'm going to to tell my crush I like her tomorrow. I've decided that if it won't be done by then, it will never be done.

Now, the dilemma I have, is how should I approach it? Should I actually tell her, "I like you." or should I ask her if she likes me, or what?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • I think you can do both things. Tell her you like her, and then ask her if she likes you too.
    I hope everything turns out fine tomorrow!

    • Thank you. I'll try to collect as many opinions as I can before I go to bed, but I like yours.

    • I'll do MHO right before I go to bed.

    • thanks MHO and good luck :)

Most Helpful Guy

  • I'm planning to do this the next time I hang out with my crush. Cause yeah, it's been a year since I started falling for her, and I just need to get it off my chest too.

    I'm planning to just say something like, "Wanna know a secret?"
    Her: "Sure".
    Me: "I have really, really liked you for a long time now. And I have wanted to tell you for a long time, but I never did, so I just wanted to let you know".

    But I'll probably say some messed up variation of that which makes barely any sense.

    Anyway, try not to plan it too much. I would recommend doing it at the end of a hangout, or the end of the conversation you're having. Maybe you can try to make it not so random, if possible, but that's not completely necessary.

    • Oh yeah, and then I have no idea what she'll say. But maybe I'll say "did you really like me too at any point we've known each other?"
      And maybe at some point I'd say how I wanted to ask her to prom but was too nervous, and I have wanted to ask her out, and then I'd explain all these things I've trying to let her know I like her.

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  • Just tell her!

    • So, just literally go up to her and say, "I like you."?

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    • We aren't really into talking about who other people are with. We don't like to root around in other people's business too much.

      Also, I know she isn't going out with anyone. The news would circle back to me very quickly, assuming she didn't tell me herself.

    • oh then just tell her! no beat around the bushes! with a serious face say I like you and... yada yada !

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