How do you know your relationship is going to last?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for a year now and everything has just been wonderful. We tell each other secrets. We enjoy each other's company. We have fun together doing absolutely nothing at all. We make each other laugh and smile. He comforts me when I'm sad. He puts up with me when I'm on my period. And our sex life is wonderful. He's everything a girl wants in a guy. I feel like he's the guy I'm gonna marry. He thinks the same thing. I love him with all my heart but how do I know for sure he's the one?


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  • Honestly we don't, we don't have the capability of knowing the future, we change as people, and when you're in a relationship you both are changing it could be for the better or worse, don't try to alter yourself to fit with him, it'll happen naturally when you change. For now just enjoy your relationship because it sounds like you truly are happy xx


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  • It just happens. But if you analyze it too hard you'll ruin it.

  • You don't. You take the risk.

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